Struggling with SADDness?

Those familiar with alcoholism and substance abuse have probably heard the term “chasing the high.” In the latter stages of addiction the user has developed not only a chemical dependency on their drug(s) of choice, but now requires more and more of the same drug to attempt to acquire the “high” previously experienced.

A similar neurological phenomenon is being seen among many users of pornography. A new term coined in 2011 by sex counselor Ian Kerner called sexual attention deficit disorder (SADD), is now being used more and more frequently to describe the unforeseen consequences of a vanishing libido among men who view online pornography. In their attempts to “chase the high” of an orgasm, many men need increasingly more visually stimulating and explicit material. When opportunities arise to engage in sexual relations with spouses or partners, however, many men are found to be missing in action, and simply unable to perform.

In times past, erectile dysfunction (ED) for which there may be a variety of physical, emotional, and neurological components has often received the blame for this phenomenon, but ED is not always related to the use of pornography. Rather, sexual attention deficit disorder is gaining momentum as a cause, where the inability to perform is due to a person’s attempt to make the shift from the titillation and excitation derived from porn to the comparatively mundane calm of ordinary sex.

Years before this phenomenon was being discussed in research circles, Candeo was discussing this idea in its training modules on the brain science of addiction. It is thought that the dopamine-oxytocin combination that is released during an orgasm is considered the neurological bonding agent in the construction of healthy sexual relationships. Sadly, if that bond is being created in a virtual environment with pornographic images, it cannot be simultaneously created with a real human being.

Developing healthy sexuality and the building of healthy relationships are at the heart of Candeo’s training. It is impossible to date porn on a consistent basis and at the same time establish a close, intimate, and loving relationship with a partner or spouse. SADDness is the natural consequence of chasing the porn high.