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  • Derrick at TEDxTeachersCollege: The Contagion of Being

    In this captivating talk, Derrick Hull discusses the shared experience of being alive. Explaining that thoughts, moods, and feelings are essentially contagious experiences, Hull engagingly cites research from psychology and social science to show the power of becoming a beneficially contagious individual. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Clinical and Experimental Psychology at Columbia University.

  • 36 Must Read Studies on Addiction, Porn, and the Brain

    As a leader in the porn addiction community, we often get questions about the most important studies and research on the problem. The following citations help to spell out the science behind pornography and provide some insights into how to address it through modern research in the neurosciences and psychology.

  • Bad Habit or Addiction?

    I often get the question: “How do I know if this is just a really bad habit or an addiction?” In fact, a spouse contacted me the other day saying, “My husband has been trying to stop his pornography and masturbation use for the past 10 years. He keeps telling me it’s just a really bad habit, not an addiction? I think he is in denial, but how do you know?

  • Research: Effects of Porn on Relationships

    When one or both partners in a committed relationship are involved in “unwanted sexual behaviors,” especially when they “keep it a secret,” over time the relationship crumbles and is eventually destroyed. In our partner Module, we discuss some of the rapidly growing body of research that demonstrates just how devastating these behaviors can be.

  • Research Results and Ongoing Efforts

    There’s a lot of talk online about Success Rates. I’ve been pretty disappointed with what I’ve seen. What does a success rate of 80% mean? Does it mean that your approach worked for 80% of the people and for the rest it was a complete failure? Does it mean you “cured” 80% of those who went through your program as if addiction is some kind of a bacterial infection? What are your drop-out rates? Do you have an 80% success rate among the 2 in 50 people who stay in your program?

  • Porn and Sex as Medication

    When a person first is exposed to pornography or sexual behaviors it is often done through curiosity. However, due to the high amounts of addictive neurochemicals that are released, particularly with internet pornography, it can quickly become addictive. Students in the Candeo program report going from curiosity, to using it recreationally, then as a source of self-medication, and some to dependency. With dependency, a person’s brain starts viewing these behaviors as a necessity — such as food and water. They also report that they found themselves needing it more and more – just as it was a drug. And they found themselves being led to other types of risky sexual behaviors — which put their physical and mental health in danger, as well as damaged their relationships.

  • Breathing and Meditation

    Get this – After subjects maintained attention on breathing for 15 to 20 minutes a day they had 1) fewer negative feelings, 2) more of the mood boosting neurotransmitter serotonin in their blood and 3) more oxygenated hemoglobin in the prefrontal cortex – which is where the Director and Planner hang out. Moreover, according to Dan Siegel MD, the Director is exercised during meditation and other mindfulness practices and it becomes better able to handle the task of changing your habits and behaviors. Thank goodness for the practice of Gratitude Breathing that has been part of our program since the beginning!

  • Using your brain to change your brain

    You’re here because you have a desire to change a negative behavior or habit, or perhaps even breakout of an addiction. By the way, don’t be offended by the word addiction. There are many different kinds of addiction in the world today. Being addicted simply means you continue engaging in a specific behavior or activity, even though it keeps resulting in harmful consequences.

  • Porn Burdened my Sexuality

    I got a message from a Candeo student that described the consequences of his addiction in a way that was so impactful. With his permission, I would like to share what he discovered.

  • Candeo Podcast - Internet Porn: A Drug Dealers Dream Come True

    This week Mark speaks about how internet pornography is likened to a drug. Mark goes on to state that if that is true then internet pornographers are “Drug Dealers.”

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