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  • After Years of Porn and Masturbation, I Hit Rock Bottom

    Hi, my name is John Hodges and I started with Candeo back in the early fall of last year. I was at a point in my life that I knew had to be rock bottom. I had lost my marriage and fell through a roof and was out on workers’ comp. I was at home surfing the web when I found an article about Candeo. After losing my marriage due to a string of bad choices I had made, I had plunged myself into self medicating with pornography and masturbation. I knew, however, that at some point I was going to pass the point of safe return and be lost forever (because I chose to be). I didn’t want this. So, when I saw the article and came to the site, I felt that God and steered me to it. Now, I KNOW that He did.

  • Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?

    One of the most common questions we receive from those struggling with pornography addiction is: “Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?” A recent blog post on the Candeo website is along these lines and very common:

    “… admitting to my wife will be the hardest and how she will accept me. We are close to separation. Every time she asked me what was wrong I could not tell her. I have failed her and my self.”

  • Maybe You Really Don't Want to Give Up Porn

    My background was unique and the source of my sexual addiction, or so I thought. As I have progressed in my recovery and faced the struggles of addiction head on the realization of how much in common I actually have with others continues to surface. For years I thought something was fundamentally wrong with me and after 18 years of marriage and numerous failed attempts to just stop using pornography I began to believe my wife’s frustrations when she would say, “Maybe you really don’t want to give it up. Yet, deep down, I knew my heart longed to be free from the destructive sexual habits of pornography, masturbation, fantasy and various other extremely harmful outlets.

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