Am I Addicted?

  • The Dangers of Sexting

    As we continue to build the Candeo web site I see things that I think may be relevant to our audience. Our site is devoted to helping people overcome their addiction to pornography and it is at times extremely gratifying. Other times it is challenging. People have deep and enduring struggles with this issue.

  • What about Masturbation?

    When it comes to sexual urges, masturbation is a common outlet that Candeo Students engage in at some level. Common questions about masturbation include—“Is masturbation OK?” “How many times a day can I masturbate?” “If I can’t masturbate are you saying that I can’t have any type of relief?” “If my partner won’t or can’t have sex, is masturbation an acceptable alternative?”

  • Are you addicted? - Info Graphic

    10 question test for determining whether or not you’re addicted to pornography.

  • Bad Habit or Addiction?

    I often get the question: “How do I know if this is just a really bad habit or an addiction?” In fact, a spouse contacted me the other day saying, “My husband has been trying to stop his pornography and masturbation use for the past 10 years. He keeps telling me it’s just a really bad habit, not an addiction? I think he is in denial, but how do you know?

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