Addiction and Your Relationship

  • How to Truly Tackle Temptation

    To get to the Second Stage of Recovery, we have to rethink an all too common assumption about what temptations are. This can be challenging even for professionals and
    “old pros” in the recovery world, but it can make a huge difference in our ability to enjoy recovery for what it is – a chance to view the world and ourselves in a whole better light. I also give a specific example of how to apply it and even cite a study (no surprise there)!

  • Porn and Sex as Medication

    When a person first is exposed to pornography or sexual behaviors it is often done through curiosity. However, due to the high amounts of addictive neurochemicals that are released, particularly with internet pornography, it can quickly become addictive. Students in the Candeo program report going from curiosity, to using it recreationally, then as a source of self-medication, and some to dependency. With dependency, a person’s brain starts viewing these behaviors as a necessity — such as food and water. They also report that they found themselves needing it more and more – just as it was a drug. And they found themselves being led to other types of risky sexual behaviors — which put their physical and mental health in danger, as well as damaged their relationships.

  • Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?

    One of the most common questions we receive from those struggling with pornography addiction is: “Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?” A recent blog post on the Candeo website is along these lines and very common:

    “… admitting to my wife will be the hardest and how she will accept me. We are close to separation. Every time she asked me what was wrong I could not tell her. I have failed her and my self.”

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