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  • The Dangers of Sexting

    As we continue to build the Candeo web site I see things that I think may be relevant to our audience. Our site is devoted to helping people overcome their addiction to pornography and it is at times extremely gratifying. Other times it is challenging. People have deep and enduring struggles with this issue.

  • "The Likely Cause of Addiction: Not What You Think!"

    “Happy people don’t stick needles in their arms.” I am implying, by association, that happy people don’t enmesh themselves with porn or other unwanted sexual behaviors (UWSBs), as well. The reasoning behind this is that if people are happy, content, fulfilled, satisfied, feeling good about life and themselves, there is absolutely no need to medicate. I have no specific studies to refer to that validate this claim. However, my own anecdotal observations over the last 20 years have certainly been, to me, proof positive that this hypothesis is accurate.

  • Are you addicted? - Info Graphic

    10 question test for determining whether or not you’re addicted to pornography.

  • Candeo Podcast - The Amazing Power of Journaling

    With Mark Kastleman. This weeks episode is titled, “The Amazing Power of Journaling”.

  • Porn Changed My Brain and I Had No Control

    I spent years fighting porn. I remember hundreds of times feeling frustrated, I hated myself, I was angry and I had no hope. I thought, Why can’t I just stop looking at this stuff? Why can’t I just make up my mind to leave it alone and then just do it? Then I would give in to it again and I was even more convinced that something was seriously wrong with me. I had no will power at all, I was a total loser. Then at the Candeo site I found out some stuff that changed my whole attitude about my porn problem. I learned that porn was changing my brain. It was shrinking my logic center and supercharging my pleasure center. Basically I had lost my self control and was just all about getting another pleasure rush.

  • Using your brain to change your brain

    You’re here because you have a desire to change a negative behavior or habit, or perhaps even breakout of an addiction. By the way, don’t be offended by the word addiction. There are many different kinds of addiction in the world today. Being addicted simply means you continue engaging in a specific behavior or activity, even though it keeps resulting in harmful consequences.

  • Candeo Podcast - Internet Porn: A Drug Dealers Dream Come True

    This week Mark speaks about how internet pornography is likened to a drug. Mark goes on to state that if that is true then internet pornographers are “Drug Dealers.”

  • Candeo Podcast - His Porn Use is NOT About You!

    With Mark Kastleman. This weeks episode is titled, “His Porn Use is NOT About You!”

  • After Years of Porn and Masturbation, I Hit Rock Bottom

    Hi, my name is John Hodges and I started with Candeo back in the early fall of last year. I was at a point in my life that I knew had to be rock bottom. I had lost my marriage and fell through a roof and was out on workers’ comp. I was at home surfing the web when I found an article about Candeo. After losing my marriage due to a string of bad choices I had made, I had plunged myself into self medicating with pornography and masturbation. I knew, however, that at some point I was going to pass the point of safe return and be lost forever (because I chose to be). I didn’t want this. So, when I saw the article and came to the site, I felt that God and steered me to it. Now, I KNOW that He did.

  • Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?

    One of the most common questions we receive from those struggling with pornography addiction is: “Should I Tell My Wife I Have a Porn Problem?” A recent blog post on the Candeo website is along these lines and very common:

    “… admitting to my wife will be the hardest and how she will accept me. We are close to separation. Every time she asked me what was wrong I could not tell her. I have failed her and my self.”

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