Learn about the brain science
behind your addiction

Derrick Hull - Director of Neuroscience and Learning Design

The neuroscience
behind your addiction
w/ Derrick Hull, Ed.M., M.A.

The Secret of Stress Management - Part II

Managing stress is hard. It’s made harder because the usual advice for how to manage it is pretty bad. In this post we reach the conclusion of the Secret of Stress Management discussion by looking at how exactly to manage stress effectively.

Holley Jeppson - Director of Coaching

Understanding your
w/ Holley Jeppson, M.A., CMHC.

How Shame Keeps you Stuck

One of the most powerful consequences of developing unwanted sexual behaviors is experiencing shame. Shame also seems to be one of the culprits that keep people stuck in their unwanted behaviors. Let’s explore a little about shame.

The Candeo Community

Hear from others
just like you
w/ Vinny

  1. “Dnunya” shares her story and amazing Candeo experience w/ Vinny - 10:50
  2. “Ingol” outlines his recovery path - 4:32
  3. “Boater” explains how he found Candeo, and how it’s changed his life - 2:29
  4. “Damo” from down under describes his time with Candeo - 1:48
  5. “Alias Smith” discusses how Candeo has helped him find recovery and compassion - 1:52
  6. “Ekrecovery” recounts how “Candeo... literally saved his life and marriage, and made him a better person." - 1:44
  7. Name Withheld” speaks to the powerful impact discovering the science behind his addictive behavior had on his recovery. - 1:57

The Candeo Recovery Program

Overcoming porn addiction and all of the shame, frustration and self-doubt can be difficult. Your brain is literally working against you and you may be depending on your porn addiction just to get through the day. However, know that you are not broken. We can show you how to work with your brain to overcome and break free from these behaviors.

Take the next step and begin your recovery. The Candeo Recovery Program will help you experience more freedom, peace and joy in your life.

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Personal Candeo Coach
  • Tracking Tools
  • 13+ hours of Video Training
  • Student Forum
  • Progress Journal
  • 100% Online and Anonymous
  • Candeo Radio
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